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How to combat three major threats to whales

The arctic wildlife is a great resource, but it is threatened by man-made pollution. Sustainable tourism means to operate with minimum environmental impact. Here is what we do to tacklefalse

The mysterious Northern Lights

The Northern Lights, commonly named Aurora Borealis have their origin 150 million kilometres away from the Earth. They are the result of the Sun's activity, and the sun sending a flow of plasmafalse

The whale song of Kaldfjord

Last winter the crew on Opal, and our guests experienced something quite special. Kaldfjord, the fjord where we have our base harbour, was full of life. You could hear the blows andfalse

The 7 best things to do in Tromsø in wintertime

Yes, we know it’s still summer, but winter is coming to Tromsø in just five months. If you have just started planning your next arctic adventure, this is the blog post for you. If you haven'tfalse

Further North than ever before

Our first Svalbard expedition is now coming to an end.  Spectacular nature, diverse wildlife and the endless daylight are on the top of my head after a few weeks up in the high latitudes.   Winterfalse

Escaping the world

This blogpost is written by Ulrich T, one of our guests in the ski and sail season in the Lyngen Alps 2017.

When you fly into Tromsø you can see the Lyngen Alps resting amidst the deep blue fjordsfalse

Sailing in the Arctic

Hi guys! I'm Espen, I work with marketing and sales in North Sailing Norway. I would like to use this blog to share some of the awesome stuff we do in North Sailing, and invite you to join us onfalse